How do I sit properly

If you Google this topic you can find so many things you can buy to make your desk economically correct but at the end of the day if you’re not going to sit up straight you’re not going to sit up straight.

So you can buy all of the tools and the pillows and everything that you want but it really isn’t going to make a difference if you don’t understand the fundamentals of how you are supposed to sit.

Unless you understand ways that your body has to be positioned you are going to slouch.  You’re going to organize your desk and any pillows you bought so you can slouch.

The following is going to be things that you need to do in order to sit up properly, not things that you need to buy.  These things need to be done before you buy anything.

  1.  You want to make sure that you don’t over correct

Why people struggle with sitting correctly is because they over correct when they sit up straight.  And what I mean by over correct is people will jam their shoulders back and squeeze their shoulder blades together, like they are standing at attention.  Then they try and sit like this all day.

In all reality people are only able to sit like this for a few minutes and then their shoulders start to burn.  And they wind up being really uncomfortable and lose the posture.

But to overcorrect is just as harmful.  So if you try to sit up straight  and it feels like a workout it’s because you’re going too far in the other direction.

2.  The next thing you want to concentrate on is the position of your feet.  They could be one of 2 ways.

First they could be flat on the floor.  Your knees should be below your hips.  So it pulls your pelvis forward.  If your hips are above your knees, you will wind up with your pelvis rolled backward and then you will not be able to have correct posture.

The second option is to sit on the edge of your chair and drop one leg back.  You have one leg at 90 degrees and then one leg dropped back and underneath the chair.

Why does this work, because what this does is this automatically pulls your pelvis into the correct position and it requires no effort because the weight of your leg pulls your back into the correct position.

To see an example of this check out the video below:

Notice how in the video the leg being down doesn’t pull you too forward so you aren’t arching your back and it’s really actually hard to slump because they weight of your leg is pulling you forward.

The thing to remember about posture is that how your legs and your arms are positioned are going to dictate how your back and neck are positioned.  It is impossible to have your arms or your legs in the wrong position and have the ability to sit up straight.

3.  Now in order to position your arms to be correct so you are able to have your neck and back in the proper posture, you are going to roll your shoulders up back and drop them down.

Now again you must be careful with doing this exercise too aggressively and pinning your shoulder back instead of letting them settle in naturally.

After you roll your shoulders up and back, you need to them them drop, literally drop.  Don’t try to slowly and strategically place them down.  Let them drop down.

Now when setting up your computer around this posture, after you roll your shoulders up, back and drop them down you bend your elbows to 90 degrees, bringing your hands to neutral.

Then you position your mouse and keyboard so that your hands can stay in that exact position.  Do NOT adjust your hands or your elbows to accommodate the keyboard or the mouse.  They should come to your hands.

There is no negotiation.  This is the one place where you may need to purchase something for your desk if you are unable to get your mouse and your keyboard close enough.

The one thing about rolling your shoulders up, back and dropping them down is that you will have to do this many, many times throughout the day.  Most people, especially if there is neck or back pain, wind up with their shoulders in their ears.

Do a quick test, tell yourself to push your shoulders down.  If you feel them drop down then you are one of those people that keep their shoulders up towards their ears the majority of the day.

If you have a laptop you have to get either a separate keyboard or a separate monitor.  You are not able to sit in correct posture if you have a laptop and not either a separate keyboard or monitor.

Your monitor should be eye level.  The top of the monitor should be right at the level of your eyes.  Do not try to rationalize in your head that it is okay to have your monitor lower than the height of your eyes.  That you will just lower your eyes and look down and keep your neck in the correct position.

Your neck will follow where your eyes go.  So if your monitor is low and your eyes go down, your neck will go into poor posture eventually.  Which will eventually cause your entire body to slump forward.

And it is important to maintain the elbows at 90 degrees and your mouse right next to your keyboard. If your arms go forward your head, neck and back will follow.  This is what causes slumping even if the most expensive chairs and pillows are bought.

One of the biggest reasons people have back pain is because they don’t sit correctly.  You cannot go to the gym or to therapy and work on your posture and muscles for an hour and make up for 8-12 hours of poor posture.

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