Aquatic therapy, or pool therapy, is an essential addition to most rehabilitation programs in order to provide the quickest recovery with the best results. Total Performance Physical Therapy features an enclosed pool with a private locker room and shower so you can remain comfortable. Aquatic therapy is for any patient whether they can swim or not. You will always be supervised as you are given a custom exercise program to enable your swift recovery.

Why Aquatic Therapy?

In most cases aquatic therapy can begin before land therapy due to the inherent properties found in water. These properties are buoyancy, resistance, hydrostatic pressure and heat.

  • Buoyancy acts as support for the spine and other joints that may have become injured due to various reasons. It also allows for body weight to be reduced and allows the joints to absorb some force while not absorbing your entire body weight.
  • Resistance is naturally applied as you move your body through the water so it eliminates the need for heavy weights. There is constant low level pressure being applied as you move through the water allowing for the body to be strengthened while in the water.
  • Hydrostatic pressure allows for pressure to be placed on the body that will allow for a decrease in blood pressure in hypertensive patients and decreased swelling in the legs. This pressure will also allow for increased support to the body.
  • Heat has healing properties that allows the body to relax and allows for greater ROM.

Who Can Benefit?

Many injuries and disorders can benefit from aquatic therapy. Some of these include pregnancy, pre and post surgeries, back pain, chronic pains, stroke, and sports injuries.


What are the Benefits of Aquatic Therapy?

Some of the benefits of aquatic therapy include improved muscular strength and tone, increased cardiovascular function, reduced stress, decreased swelling, increased circulation, increased endurance, increased range of motion and flexibility and increased balance and coordination.

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