It has been shown that employees that participate in wellness programs stay home from work an average of 2.11 days, whereas more sedentary adults stay at home an average of 3.06 days. Offering a corporate wellness program can provide a safer work place and cut health care costs and days off from work, leading to healthier and happier employees.

Our corporate 5K programs are unique in that they have an oversight by a doctor of physical therapy and a highly certified running coach. The program is tailored to times that work best for you and your employees. We bring the program to you. Outside of the cost of the program, there is no cost for equipment. This is a low-cost option for bringing health and wellness to your corporation and can even help lower your benefit costs!

Our seminars and on-site evaluations can save your employees and your company time and money by keeping your employees happy and healthy and on the job. We are able to come to your place of business and offer physical therapy assessments, lunch-and-learns, ergonomic evaluations and fitness programs. All of these things can cut back on missed work time and make your employees work better for you!

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Corporate Service Offered:
• Injury Prevention Seminars
• Massage Therapy Workshops
• Lunch and Learn topics on a variety of wellness topics
• Functional Movement Analysis
• Employee Appreciation Events
• 5k Training Programs at your location

Sample Seminars Include:
• Efficient Posture
• Core Conditioning
• Back Education
• Recovery and Foam Rolling