Myesha Brown

About Myesha Brown

Myesha Brown has been on the Total Performance Team almost since the beginning. Myesha is the Front Desk Coordinator in our North Wales office. Her warm smile and friendly and welcoming manner makes the patients feel at ease when they come in for their appointments.

Myesha has been working in the medical field since 2000. She started her career at Crozer Keystone Medical Center as a medical biller in the health systems methadone clinic. She acquired a talent for helping people in a very vulnerable state.

A few years later she moved onto Tenet Health System were she mastered the amazing art of medical billing. Myesha recently went back to school were she obtained an associate degree in Allied Health and Science. In her role of front desk representative at Total Performance Physical Therapy, she truly has the desire to make each and every patient’s experience here an enjoyable one.