How many times have you been told not to cross fit, and that it is not good for you? How many times have you tried to do a move in cross fit but are unable to because you just cannot seem to get into that position? Total Performance Physical Therapy can help! We want to get you back to the way of life that YOU want to live. If you find that you have hit a plateau in your WODs or that there are certain moves that you cannot do, this is most likely due to the fact that there is an imbalance in your body that we can help you fix. We can evaluate every aspect of your joints, spine, and muscles to determine the reason that you are unable to do the activity. One of the ways we do that is through an FMS screen.

FMS or Functional Movement Screen is a screen for athletes that predicts injury, identifies mobility issues and pinpoints stability concerns. This screening process is used in every professional athlete’s league, the NFL, the MLB, etc. because it is that good at predicting and preventing injury. It will make you a better cross fitter. YES, you heard me, it will MAKE YOU A BETTER, STRONGER CROSS FITTER.

The goal of having the screen done is to identify areas of compensation, areas of weakness and areas that are prone to injury. Our bodies have the inherent ability to compensate to make up for areas of weakness. We continue to train these compensation patterns without even realizing it. Continuing to train with dysfunctional movement patterns not only puts you at risk for injury, but eventually will limit the amount of weight you are able to lift – it will limit your potential as a cross fitter.

Just because you do not have pain or injuries does not mean that you do not need to get screened. When you have pain and injuries you are actually ineligible to be screened as it is less effective. This screen is designed to prevent you from dysfunction and injury. By the time you feel pain, it is too late and most often you will spend months in rehab and having to limit your cross fit involvement.

The test consists of 10 different movements that are performed and graded. These scores are then tallied and the areas of greatest weakness and limitation are now identified. There are corrective exercises that may be performed in order to eliminate the dysfunction and restore the body to its optimal function and make YOU the STRONGEST cross fitter you can be.