Discover Simple Secrets That You Can Do In Under 30 seconds That Will Produce Better Results Than Stretching 15 Minutes A Day

A Physical Therapist For The US Olympic Team Reveals Foam Rolling and Exercise Secrets So You Can Eliminate Stretching For Good!

Here's What You Will Get:

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    Advanced Foam Rolling Techniques

    Discover in this video how to foam roll to get maximum benefit so you never have to stretch again. This video covers different foam rollers, when it is appropriate to use which one and a complete step-by-step guide on how to foam roll.

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    Report: The 5 Biggest Foam Rolling Myths Debunked

    Eliminate the skepticism about foam rolling. Dr. Moore breaks down the 5 biggest myths about foam rolling and explains why they are not true.

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    30 Second Checklist

    This checklist will take you through the basics of how to perform foam rolling and give up stretching.

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  • Run Better Not Less

    Not just for runners!   This book contains workouts, injury advice based on what you feel, how to focus on specific areas and so much more!  It retails on Amazon for over $30!

  • Report: Stretching Vs. Foam Rolling

    Discover the differences between stretching and foam rolling and how to have your muscles recovered in just minutes a day, making you leaner and faster.


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See What Others Are Saying...

Where was this book 2 years ago when I started running again?! This book addressed many of the very common issues that I've had getting back to running and subsequently issues that I've experienced once I hit and sustained longer distances. I tirelessly researched what was going on, why and if (and if so, how) they could be fixed. If I'd had this book then it would have saved me soooooo much lost time getting back to healthily running for distance. In the past I'd quit running because of various pains.
My most recent and worse bout with pain that would suddenly come on with running left me in tears due to severe hip pain and miles away from home. Somebody had to come and pick me up. I had a 15k coming up less than 2 months from that dreadful run so I contacted Dr. Moore. She was able to address what my problem was right away and told me what I needed to do. For the first time in my life I think that I followed a Dr.s advice to the letter because I wanted to run pain free so badly and complete my race. I did complete my race with my best long distance pace ever and pain free!
There are things in this book that are addressed and taught that I know from past experience work and now I can have solutions and set up a plan whenever I need to at the first onset of pain.   -T. Todd

Very well written and easy read. Heather provides an excellent program for obtaining and maintaining core conditioning.  - JC Roadrunner


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