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We want to offer Those Struggling with Chronic Back Pain a FREE* heating pad

When you schedule an appointment to see one of our back pain specialists*


We know how powerless it can feel when suffering from constant back pain.  It prevents people from doing the things they love.  Thousands of our patients used to feel the same way until they were treated by one of our back experts.  They are able to alleviate pain and return people to their normal activities pain free.

  • Proven hands on techniques that will help eliminate back pain
  • Find out what you are doing every day to injure yourself
  • One-on-one with a doctor of physical therapy who will teach you techniques to help the pain when it starts
  • Experts who have cured thousands of back pain patients
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The staff here was awesome!  I felt hopeless when I started here, I have had lower back pain and pains in my legs for two years and it had really slowed me down a lot, not enjoying life at all.   I had tried so many other things, other places and no one could help.  Total Performance has given me hope again I feel much better and I am looking forward to an active summer with my family.  This is a great place!

Peggy Kryern Peggy Kryern
Former back pain sufferer
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Because of the pain relief benefits of seeing one of our back pain specialists, treatment is covered by most insurances!  Contact us and we will take care of all of the paperwork and make sure it is properly submitted to your insurance company!

PLUS, all patients that sign up through this website will receive a complimentary ($20) dry/moist heating back with their first visit!


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