Tiffani Todd served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves where she was a Field Communications Specialists. Rising quickly to the rank of Sergeant afforded her the opportunity to participate in a Joint Arms Exercise with the United States, Egypt, France and England in Egypt. Most of her days were spent travelling between Cairo where she monitored Ship to Land communications by night and Alexandria where she was attached to an Army Public Relations Unit by day.

Shortly after her discharge from the USMCR she began her career in the health profession by working in the Behavioral Health Field as an Internet Research Specialist for 8 years. Looking for a change in direction, Tiffani was hired by Aetna Health Insurance as a Provider Relations Specialist. While working at Aetna and studying at Montgomery County Community College she quickly learned that her true desire was to work with the patients and providers and quickly accepted an offer to work for Bryn Mawr Medical Specialists. She spent one week working in the File Room before she accepted a position in their Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine practice. Working as the new Medical Assistant to the head of the practice, she was able to combine her knowledge of how health insurance companies operated and her knowledge of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine to procure medications and tests for patients on the first request, typically being able to bypass Step Therapy Programs and Preferred Drug Lists.

Tiffani then moved on to work in the Skippack Office of Mishock Physical Therapy where she was employed as their Receptionist for three years.