Dr. Heather Moore’s new book, Run Better Not Less, is now available. The most comprehensive manual of how to treat the aches and pains that all runners get from time to time, at home. Instead of taking two weeks off, begin with an active treatment approach and keep yourself running. Dr. Moore has treated thousands of runners and shows some of the basic steps to be taken at home when you are feeling pain when running. Specific injuries are also discussed such as IT band tendinitis, groin pull, hamstring strain and many more. For less than the cost of a copay you can starting running better, not less.

Run Better Not Less is available for purchase through Amazon.com, or you may call the office at 215-997-9898 to purchase a copy for $5 off!

Click below receive your FREE report to find out if that nagging ache is really an injury that could stop you from running for good!!

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