You really want to get an assessment of your running, but it’s just too difficult to find time to come into the clinic. Or – you live too far away to come in for a complete in-person evaluation. No worries – we can do a virtual running gait analysis and help you get to running stronger, better, and faster!

The Total Performance Virtual Running gait analysis is the most comprehensive virtual running analysis on the market. And it is not just for runners. Triathletes, soccer players, lacrosse players, or anyone looking to get faster at their sport NEEDS to have this done.

What is a Virtual Running Gait Analysis?

This gait analysis is a full, comprehensive view of your running. It will take a look at your running motion from different angles and analyze how each joint is moving. It will also break down each phase of the running cycle, pointing out deficiencies that are slowing you down leading to injury and the breakdown of joints. Doctors of physical therapy will identify any asymmetries from one side to the other or any movement abnormalities during your running that could lead to injury if left untreated. They will also show you where you are losing the greatest amount of power and how changing just a few small things can make you a much faster runner.

dartfish running analysis

Why should I do the Total Performance Virtual Gait Analysis?

Having a virtual running analysis done can identify weakness, loss of range of motion, muscle imbalances, overcompensation and stride deficiencies. Being able to identify and correct these things can lead to a quicker first step and an overall quicker running gait. Using state-of-the-art software, we are able to measure the degree of every joint in the body and how it relates to your running stride. By putting all of the pieces together, we are able to come up with a comprehensive analysis of how you can make your running stronger, better, and faster.
Most athletes think that by changing the way their foot hits the ground or trying to change a few things about their stride will help them become a better runner. This is unfortunately not true. When we try to change or adjust one small thing, it most often leads to compensation and over-use of joints and muscles that will eventually lead to injury.
Having a comprehensive running gait analysis will allow a trained professional to develop a program of flexibility and strengthening for you that will naturally allow your body to make the changes necessary to your running stride. Not only can you prevent injury and overuse, but you can become a stronger, better, and faster athlete!


What does a virtual running analysis include?

  • A media book with key positions analyzed in your running to show you where the problems/deficiencies lie.
  • An explanation with pictures of angles and exactly where the problem is occurring and what will happen if that continues.
  • A written exercise prescription from a trained professional of strengthening and flexibility exercises based on the problems and deficiencies found within your specific gait.
  • A one hour phone consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to go over the results step by step and what can be done to improve your running and make you a better athlete!

I’m interested! What do I need to do next?

  • First, contact to get started.
  • You will need a video camera. Yes, the one on your phone works great in order to record yourself in the different running angles. We will email you instructions on how to video record yourself and in what specific angles.
  • Send the videos to
  • After you send in the videos, just sit back for a few days and then you will embark on a running transformation!
  • The cost is only $125.

What if I want to come into the office and have it done?

No problem!  Total Performance offers the most complete, in-depth analysis of your running gait.  The in office package is 3 separate visits.  In the first visit we do an in depth evaluation of every muscle, posture and position that is involved in running.  After that we get video of you running from several different angles.  We go over with you what we are seeing and how you can correct it.  In between the first and the second visits there is an DVD prepared that goes over all key running positions.  In addition a program will be developed for you that focuses on all of your deficits, a strength program, that can be done at home or in our office.  This is a specific program developed to address the deficiencies found on the first exam.   In the subsequent visits proper shoe wear is discussed and we work on correcting your form and showing you self correction on the television.

What is included?

  • 3 separate visits with a doctor of physical therapy
  • Every muscle, joint and structure is evaluated and measured to determine if there are any physical ailments that will prevent you from achieving correct running form
  • Videos from different angles will be taken
  • A DVD with key positions will be delivered to you and an in depth analysis will be presented by a physical therapist so you are able to understand where the deficiencies are
  • Proper shoe wear will be discussed and your foot will be evaluated for what type of shoe should be worn
  • A personalized strength program will be developed for you that you are able to perform at home to make you a better runner
  • Real time feedback on the television so you are able to self correct your running
  • Cost:  $250