Half Marathon Training Program

Ever wanted to complete a half marathon. Every wanted to PR a half marathon. Then look no further, come join the Total Performance Physical Therapy Half Marathon Training Program. Starting August 8th, you and friends you never knew you had! This program consists of twice a week coached runs, weekly emails on updates and tips, a full medical staff with injury prevention seminars and screens and much more!

Here is what people are saying about our programs:

I have always been a short sprint runner. When I went to the information session at TPPT I didn’t believe I could do a 10 miler. I thought the training program was for a 5K! When I asked one of the coaches “Do you think even I could potentially do a 10 mile race?” Looking at my overweight and what I thought then a non-runner body. The coach responded with “Absolutely! We have 15 weeks to train. You will do great.” Through the cold temperatures of winter, sweat, pain and tears I was able to run the Hot Chocolate 15K and Broad Street Race! I have never been so proud of myself. This was a huge accomplishment in my eyes. The many coaches were so supportive and helpful. They started me off with interval training then full out running with out stopping. This program helped me so much that I got my sister and boyfriend to join me the following year. They had never run a race before the program and they did great!! -M. Gallaher

All this for only $125!

So sign up today! If you do by August 1st you can receive $25 off! Don’t delay! Use the code 25half just click here to sign up!!

Group Training

Total Performance Physical Therapy has several options for group training. Whether you are just beginning and looking for a 5K program, or looking to get into longer distances, such as half marathons and marathons, we have the training programs for you. Coached weekly workouts, weekly emails and group support. In less than a year we have taken over 150 athletes through our training programs. Ordinary people who never thought that they could run a 5K, half marathon or marathon. People who have achieved some of their greatest athletic accomplishments, whose friends say, “You’re doing what?? Really?” Let us help you achieve that seemingly impossible goal.



Here’s a testimonial about our running programs:

How can I explain an event that has changed my life – I cannot. I have achieved something that was unimaginable to me. I have ALL of you to thank – you have each touched my life to make it brighter and fuller. Thanks for making the impossible possible. — Geneane and Family

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