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Total Performance has been fantastic for all my needs. Between all the issues they’ve helped me rehabilitate, such as my IT band, my hip muscles, and my lower back, the most impressive would be my wrist and forearm. I had temporary nerve damage to my right wrist in March 2012. It was significant enough that I lost all of the strength and dexterity in my wrist and much of the strength in my forearm. I needed to rebuild from scratch. Five weeks later, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Moore, I ran in and completed all of the obstacles in Tough Mudder! In case you’re not aware, this event is a 13-mile, 20+ obstacle course that includes: pulling myself up over 8 foot walls, navigating inclined monkey bars, climbing over a rope net, and swinging through a series of rings. All of these require significant gripping and arm strength. Thanks Dr. Moore! — R.K. from PA