Athletes involved in a strength and balance program supervised by a physical therapist have been shown to reduce injury rates as reported by a study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine. Your coach will work closely with a physical therapist to make sure that your body is analyzed properly and that each of the deficits found are addressed through the program.

Recovery is often a missing piece from so many athletes’ schedules, but is such a vital component. We make sure that you have a solid recovery plan to help your body and your mind perform at its peak each and every time you compete and train. Having the proper recovery with the proper tools allows the body and mind to meet the challenges of everyday life and in competition.

We will build you into a better athlete. We understand and utilize the science and the biomechanics of the human body to make you into the best athlete possible. Using an individualized approach, we perform a Functional Movement Assessment and an in-depth analysis focusing on the muscles and joints that will make you the best at your sport. Your training begins after we create a plan in consultation with a doctor of physical therapy and your coach.