Are you a swimmer looking to improve your stoke, go faster in the water and find that hundredth of a second that wins races? Are you a triathlete looking to have your stroke analyzed to become more efficient in the water to save time and energy for the longer parts of your race? If so, you need a virtual swim analysis.

What is a virtual swim analysis?

It’s easy. Send us your videos that you take at home either above water or below water. We will have them analyzed using a state-of-the-art computer program that will measure angles and positions of your body which will allow us to point out the exact deficiencies in your stroke.

Why do I need a virtual swim analysis?

For a triathlete – For many triathletes the swim is the hardest part and not having an efficient stroke wastes time and energy. This is valuable time and energy that is needed for the latter parts of the race. Just a few changes to your stroke, just a few exercises to correct hand and arm position could mean the difference of minutes and hours over the course of an endurance event. Allowing us to view your videos and analyze them gives you a clear picture of where you are able to improve your stroke and become a more seasoned triathlete.

For a swimmer – Being a former Division I swimmer, I know that hundredths of seconds lose races. With a virtual swim analysis we can find every inch that we can to make you a stronger, better, faster swimmer. Find out where you are ‘slipping’ and not catching the water. By analyzing exact angles we can help your swim stroke and help you progress to the next level.

Prevent injury – Many swimmers and triathletes develop swimmers shoulder and painful tendinitis in the arms due to inefficient swim strokes and over-use of certain muscles. Changing the swim stroke isn’t just about changing an arm position; it is about strengthening certain muscles and stretching others out in order to make the natural changes to your stroke. Forcing your body to make changes will just lead to compensation in other muscles and joints and that will ultimately lead to breakdown and injury.

What it includes

  • An in-depth analysis with key position and angles measured of one stroke based on the video provided, either under the water or above the water or both.
  • A media book that contains the pictures of your stroke and angles broken down and how to correct them.
  • A list of stretches and exercises to perform to help correct your stroke based on the finding in the video.

What you need to to

  • Contact to get started.
  • Take a video of yourself swimming. Either an above water or below water. If you live in PA or CT we may be able to come and take this for you.
  • Sit back and wait for your video and corrective exercises and drills to be emailed to you.
  • Cost: $125