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Why have just a trainer when you could have an entire medical staff just like the pros? Strength Training and Sports Conditioning takes on a whole new meaning at Total Performance Physical Therapy. Ever wanted to run faster, throw further and generally be better at your sport? Did you know that each sport requires different specific muscle groups to be strong and work in harmony in order to be the very best? Doing a ‘canned’ workout will give you some results but that is not what we are after at Total Performance Physical Therapy. We want you to be the best.

Each training program includes specific exercises that have been thoroughly researched in order to make sure that you are working on muscles specific to your sport. Most unique about the sports training sessions is that they will involve a hands-on component, making sure that each joint has the most range of motion and functions properly in order to be in the best possible condition for your sport. Most athletes cannot achieve any further than what they are currently at due to muscle limitations that they are unaware of. At Total Performance Physical Therapy, we identify and remedy each of these limitations, ensuring that you will become the strongest, fastest and best athlete.


Our Sports Performance Classes focus on:
– Increasing Upper Body Strength
– Increasing Lower Body Strength
– Increasing First Step Quickness
– Increasing Power
– Increasing Explosiveness
– Focus on Injury Prevention

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6 month package – Our best option! Unlimited Classes! $65 per month.

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3 month package: Unlimited Classes! $75 per month

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Month by month plan: Unlimited Classes $99 per month

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Group Training

Total Performance Physical Therapy has several options for group training. Whether you are just beginning and looking for a 5K program, or looking to get into longer distances, such as half marathons and marathons, we have the training programs for you. Coached weekly workouts, weekly emails and group support. In less than a year we have taken over 150 athletes through our training programs. Ordinary people who never thought that they could run a 5K, half marathon or marathon. People who have achieved some of their greatest athletic accomplishments, whose friends say, “You’re doing what?? Really?” Let us help you achieve that seemingly impossible goal.


Here’s a testimonial about our running programs:

How can I explain an event that has changed my life – I cannot. I have achieved something that was unimaginable to me. I have ALL of you to thank – you have each touched my life to make it brighter and fuller. Thanks for making the impossible possible. — Geneane and Family

Total Performance Plus

Looking at getting back into shape? Looking to continue the gains made in physical therapy? Then join Total Performance Plus! For just $25 per month or $6 per day you get:

  • Access to 2 state of the art facilities with brand new equipment
  • Medical staff on site
  • No overcrowded gyms

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