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How to avoid pain with flying

October 27, 2015

With so many people complaining of pain when flying, Total Performance PT wants to prepare you for that long flight and give you some tips on how to decrease your back pain.

Sitting for a long period of time does a few things to your back:

If you are stuck on an airplane, there are things you can do in your seat to improve your posture, stretch out your legs, increase your blood flow, and overall decrease your pain. For each of these exercises: place your feet on the floor with your knees at 90-degree angle and sit up straight.

If you are on a particularly long flight, you should stand up at least once an hour to stretch out your leg muscles and increase circulation. You can get up, walk to the bathroom, and return. Or you can get up, walk to the bathroom, and do some of the exercises listed above in the open space.

In addition, it is important to note how you are sitting on the plane.

It is very important to remember these tips so you can decrease your pain and enjoy your vacation!

If your pain ever becomes too severe, call Total Performance PT to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist.