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Tips for running in the heat

June 6, 2019

Running in the summer can be a drag and many people become frustrated because they are not running at the pace they want to or their running form is beginning to deteriorate. But don’t get frustrated because it truly is more difficult to run during the summer months due to certain weather conditions.  Understanding these changing conditions will allow you to train better and decrease your frustration with summer running.

As the summer begins to heat up, you will notice the increase in humidity. As humidity rises, our bodies have a harder time cooling down because our sweat, the body’s natural cooling system, is not evaporating as quickly from our body. When this happens, it leaves you feeling overheated requiring you to slow down. But even when the humidity is low, running in the heat still takes a toll. With dry hot air, the sweat from your body evaporates much more quickly resulting in you sweating more, which can result in dehydration leading to poor performance. As you become more dehydrated, your heart has to work harder at pumping blood throughout your body. This causes an increase in your heart rate even when you run at the same intensity resulting in you having to run slower to maintain the same effort.

Running under any of the above conditions, whether it is heat, humidity, or both causes increased energy expenditure at the same intensity causing you to fatigue quicker. As you continue to become more fatigued, you will start compensating for your less then perfect form, by having a shuffling running pattern. To help avoid any decreases in form, it is important to follow these tips to help you battle the heat and humidity.

Make sure to follow these tips during the summer to help keep good running form as well as keeping yourself healthy and safe on the summer runs!

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