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Physical Therapy for Arthritis

Women suffering from arthritis in Hatfield, PA

Effective Treatment for Arthritis

Total Performance has the top therapists to eliminate arthritis pain for residents in Chalfont, Horsham, North Wales, Hatfield, Norristown, Doylestown, East Norriton, and the surrounding areas. Our arthritis pain specialists are trained to treat arthritis from all different body parts, including areas of the:

Not all arthritis pain should be treated the same, yet most of it is. Most people who have been diagnosed with arthritis have resigned themselves to surgery. They don’t feel there is any other option but to go through with it. But what if we told you that a lot of pain associated with arthritis can be eliminated without surgery, injections, or medications?

Finding the Cause

Finding the cause of your arthritis pain is the main objective of any successful treatment at Total

Performance. While arthritis may be causing some of your pain, it most likely is not causing all of it. Pain that comes and goes throughout the day is NOT linked to arthritis. Your arthritis doesn’t get better or worse as the day goes on. Arthritis stays the same from when you wake up until you go to bed. But then why does your pain get better or worse? It’s all based on how your muscles react to each activity that you do.

At Total Performance, our arthritis experts can find the source of your pain, which doesn’t always mean it is only coming from the arthritis in the joint. Many times, our clients can avoid surgery just from regular therapy and receiving hands-on treatment, laser treatment, and muscle correction.

Osteoarthritis can be debilitating and even take over your life. It can cause you to miss out on family gatherings, vacations, holidays, outings, and the other aspects of life that you enjoy. Through treatment, we can help you eliminate pain, discomfort, and suffering, and finally regain control.

Therapy and Education

Part of your arthritis treatment at Total Performance is education on the things that you should or should not do at your home. Understanding your arthritis and the other factors that are causing you pain can help you to overcome your discomfort and get your life back without medications, injections, or surgery.

It is important that when you have arthritis that you go to arthritis specialists like the ones at Total Performance, with locations serving East Norriton, Norristown, Chalfont, North Wales, Horsham, Doylestown, Hatfield, and Souderton. The arthritis specialists at Total Performance can find the cause of your pain, and eliminate it for good. Not all therapists are created equal, so finding arthritis specialists is essential to eliminating your pain without medications, injections, or surgery.

A Hands-On Approach to Arthritis Treatment

The arthritis specialists at Total Performance use hands-on therapy, massage techniques, Graston techniques, aquatic therapy, exercise, and education to make sure that your arthritis pain goes away for good. We treat the person, not just the diagnosis. And knowing is half the battle. If you know WHY you are having pain, you will be able to eliminate it more swiftly, saving you time and money.

If you are attending regular treatment and you are not receiving hands-on therapy and hands-on massage, then you are not getting the care you need—or deserve—to eliminate your arthritis. The arthritis specialists at Total Performance provide hands-on therapy to give you the most effective results.

The arthritis specialists at Total Performance are experts in treating arthritis without medications, injections or surgery. Most people with arthritis find that medications only work for a short period of time before they are no longer are effective and no longer manage the pain. Then people will often switch to receiving injections. Again, most people find the same thing: that the injections work for the first few times, but then the injections that come after that are not as effective. Finally, they have no other recourse but to have surgery, which comes with costly, painful and time-consuming therapy.

Call Today for Relief!

The doctors at Total Performance are experts in treating arthritis without the use of medications, injections or surgery. Even if you have already received treatment in the past and it didn’t work, Total Performance can help you to eliminate your arthritis pain. With convenient locations serving residents from North Wales, Chalfont, Horsham, Hatfield, Souderton, East Norriton and Norristown, our arthritis specialists are here to help!

For a FREE consultation with the arthritis specialists at Total Performance, or to find the cause of your hip and knee pain, call 215-997-9898 today.

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