Dr. Rebecca Cannizzaro | Total Performance Physical Therapy

Dr. Rebecca Cannizzaro

Physical Therapist Norristown

Dr. Rebecca Cannizzaro PT, DPT is a 2020 graduate of Slippery Rock University, where she earned both her BS in Exercise Science followed by her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. While at Slippery Rock University she was able to develop her knowledge through clinical research whilst increasing her focus on manual therapy to improve patient recovery and overall quality of life. As a new team member at Total Performance Physical Therapy, Dr. Cannizzaro is extremely passionate about the opportunity to begin the journey to recovery alongside her patients.

Rebecca’s interest in physical therapy was inspired during her athletic career as a competitive gymnast and avid runner. As a result of being an athlete, she experienced various injuries exposing her to the significant benefits of physical therapy.

Overall health, wellness and fitness continue to be an essential source of passion for Dr. Cannizzaro which she hopes to empower her patients to embrace.