FAQs | Total Performance Physical Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

YES! We are in network with most major insurances. We also offer cash pay services at a discount if you do not have insurance.

No!  We have physical therapists that are direct accessed licensed, so you do not need a script from your doctor to come and see us.  If you feel an ache or a pain, you can call our office at 215-997-9898 and just come in.  If you want to set up a FREE consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, click here and enter your information and we will be in touch!

Physical therapists treat the aches and pains of muscles and joints all throughout the body.  The best way to know if you need physical therapy is to request a FREE consultation by clicking here and come in and talk to the physical therapist to see if therapy is right for you!

We see a lot of patients that have not had success with physical therapy elsewhere.  At Total Performance Physical Therapy, we treat the whole body not just the area that hurts.  We find the cause of the problem and we do not just treat the symptoms.  This philosophy combined with cutting edge manual techniques and exercise programs that we are constantly changing and improving allow for you to get the most benefit from physical therapy and allow us to have some of the highest success rates in the physical therapy industry.  Not sure if we are really for you, just click here and sign up for a FREE consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy and find out if we are right for you.

Our pools are completely private, in their own private rooms, and hold only one person so you will have a completely private experience.  We also have private locker rooms attached to the pool so you will never have to walk across the clinic floor in your bathing suit.  Our pools are heated to around 95 degrees to offer a therapeutic environment.  Not sure if aquatic therapy is right for you, click here for a FREE consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Plan to arrive 15 minutes early so we can get your paperwork in order.  The paperwork in on the website so you can fill it out before you arrive to speed things up. 

Bring your insurance card and driver’s license.  If it is a worker’s comp or auto accident, then please bring any paperwork you have with the name of your adjuster and claim number.

Please wear loose fitting clothing so the therapist can do a proper evaluation.

If you have a prescription, please bring that along with you also. 

You will be here between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes.  You will be here longer for the first visit, but most follow up appointments are around an hour.  We offer appointments as early as 7 AM and as late as 640 as well as on Saturdays so we can help accommodate hectic schedules. 

At Total Performance Physical Therapy, we are experts in treating the body and the muscles and joints, so yes, we treat all conditions.  But if you have specific questions or are not sure and want to have a FREE consultation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, click here and we will be in touch!