Testimonials | Total Performance Physical Therapy

Nathan Schadler

I am a former Division 1, scholarship swimmer and have always enjoyed performing athletically at the highest levels. After finishing college, I transitioned into triathlons and have loved doing them since I started. Unfortunately, an accident at home tore my ACL in my right knee, requiring it to be reconstructed and the bones in my knee to be shaved. The doctors told me that I would be running again, hopefully, in 8 months. I swam with Heather Moore my entire life and knew that if there was anyone who could get me back to form it was her. She is the best PT I have ever met. Every session she pushed me to do more, there was never a time that did not leave PT where I was not sweating and where I did not accomplish a new level of strength and range of motion. She was extremely accommodating to my schedule, as I am an attorney and needed appointments late in the evening. Six months later I was full on running again. Now, I am back to triathlons and faster than I was prior to my injury. Attached is a picture of my most recent triathlon results, first in my age group and I owe that to Heather. Plus, as you can tell, my kids approve. If you want a free pass, to show up at PT and lollygag around, go somewhere else. If you are serious about getting back on with your life, there is only one PT that you should see, Heather.


I can’t say enough to thank Heather, Elliot, Mike and Chris for getting me to the start and finish of not only the Boston Marathon, but also the Broad Street Run, just 13 days later. Speaking of 13 days, that’s how many days before Boston that I strained my groin. Nine days and six treatments later, I felt good enough to make the trip to Boston, for an unforgettable experience I would not have wanted to miss. Could not have done it without Total Performance Physical Therapy!!


Dr. Heather Moore of Total Performance Physical Therapy literally saved my life. Nine months ago, at 40 years of age and morbidly obese, I was diagnosed with full on Type 2 Diabetes after my fasting blood sugar registered at 531 and my triglycerides were 570. Anyone who knows what these numbers mean knows that I was literally walking around with one foot in the grave. Prior to this, I was “pre-diabetic” and already taking a full cocktail of oral meds to control blood sugar and triglycerides. That is why my doctor doubled my dosage of those meds and told me that there is a high probability that within 6 weeks I will have to start taking insulin unless I dramatically change my lifestyle. That’s where a mutual friend introduced me to Dr. Moore who put together for me a custom high intensity interval training routine and insisted that I count calories as well. Following her program diligently for the last 8 months, I have lost 62 pounds and have the conditioning and endurance of my 25 year old self. More importantly my fasting blood sugar and triglycerides are completely within the normal range! Not even the pre-diabetic range! But the best part of this story…is that am registering these numbers without ANY MEDICATION AT ALL!!! Dr. Heather Moore has essentially helped me beat Type 2 Diabetes completely!!! She is a true master of her profession and has the personality to help keep you on your toes!


Total Performance PT is the right place for your Physical Therapy. The Team at the Bucks Mont facility in Hatfield is thorough, caring, and professional. This is the fourth time in 24 years I have needed post-op PT and have used National Brands as well as local providers – by far my experience with TPPT stands head and shoulders above them all. From the intake and records management with Tiffany; to Erin and Heather – the assistants who provide heat, ice, and everything in between, the time with Total Performance has been all positive. Dr. Lindsey Carstens has helped me get back to work quickly and uses just the right amount of “work on ya”, while carefully listening to the patient and their body. This “whole person” technique combined with a thoroughly equipped PT gym designed and furnished by owner Dr. Heather (Sub-Scap) Moore, (who was recently quoted in Men’s Fitness Jan/Feb 2015) has made a significant difference in my recovery in range of motion and strength. I can’t give them enough credit.

Geneane And Family

How can I explain an event that has changed my life – I cannot. I have achieved something that was unimaginable to me. I have ALL of you to thank – you have each touched my life to make it brighter and fuller. Thanks for making the impossible possible.


Was supposed to run Nike Women’s half yesterday and decided to just keep on going… All the way to 26.2! Who does that? Someone with an awesome PT who put them back together so well that she could do it! Thanks again, Dr. Moore!


Total Performance has been fantastic for all my needs. Between all the issues they’ve helped me rehabilitate, such as my IT band, my hip muscles, and my lower back, the most impressive would be my wrist and forearm. I had temporary nerve damage to my right wrist in March 2012. It was significant enough that I lost all of the strength and dexterity in my wrist and much of the strength in my forearm. I needed to rebuild from scratch. Five weeks later, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Moore, I ran in and completed all of the obstacles in Tough Mudder! In case you’re not aware, this event is a 13-mile, 20+ obstacle course that includes: pulling myself up over 8 foot walls, navigating inclined monkey bars, climbing over a rope net, and swinging through a series of rings. All of these require significant gripping and arm strength. Thanks Dr. Moore!


This place is excellent. I’ve gone to several physical therapy places in the past for issues with my knees, but this is absolutely the best. Dr. Moore doesn’t just put you through the motions and pass you on, she actually cares to make you better. My surgeon agreed that I bounced back much quicker from knee surgery because of her. Prior to her I was seeing an average physical therapist in a place not too far from her office, but was not making any kind of real progress. Switching to her made the difference. I don’t typically write reviews, but felt compelled to given what a difference it made for me compared to the other places out there.


Dr. Moore is fantastic! I highly recommend her to anyone who has a family member on the autistic spectrum in need of PT. Those of you who are dealing with AS will know what I mean when I say, “SHE GETS IT!”


A year and a half ago, I had a very serious car accident. I was taken to Hahnemann Hospital in a helicopter for 15 days. I had about 24 fractures in my sacrum, sternum, several ribs, and the femur in my left leg. I had to learn how to walk again, as the femur sustained 13 to 18 fractures. They inserted a titanium rod in the femur, just to stabilize the leg and let the new bone grow around it. The surgeon told me it was completely up to me as to how well I rehabbed and whether or not I walked again. I refused to surrender to anything less than the life I led before. Lucky for me, I knew Dr. Moore from previously having had two knee surgeries. I went to her about 4 months after the accident when I moved back home. Her new facility is state of the art, not lacking in anything! She crafted an exercise routine for me between the pool and land therapy. It was mainly strengthening exercises as my muscles were so weak. It hasn’t been easy and a lot of the time, it’s quite painful. Dr. Moore warned me that it wouldn’t be easy and that it would take several months of continual hard work. She is not one to give up or give in. And I’m not either. I’m still going to therapy, knowing that without it, I’d really be struggling. Dr. Moore is quite thorough and adept at making the patient comfortable and showing them exactly what they need to do and why. She is great at setting goals for you and making sure you achieve them! I no longer use a cane, a walker or a wheelchair! I’m determined to continue doing my exercises at therapy and at home. I’m so grateful for Dr. Moore’s expertise, compassion and knowledge. Without her guidance and help, I know I’b be struggling.