Dr. Dan Murphy | Total Performance Physical Therapy

Dr. Dan Murphy

Clinic Director North Wales

Dr. Dan Murphy is a 2016 graduate of the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences, a Doctor of Physical Therapy program highly-regarded for its manual therapy-based curriculum.  This provided Dr. Murphy a strong background in hands-on, soft tissue treatment that is an essential part of what differentiates Total Performance as a practice.

Since joining the Total Performance team in May of 2016, Dr. Murphy’s clinical focus has revolved around restoring soft tissue health and promoting symmetry across function.  To best augment his soft tissue approach, Dr. Murphy became ART® (Active Release Technique) certified in 2019.  ART® is a soft tissue treatment approach that utilizes massage and movement to reduce scar tissue at injured muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons and nerves, restoring unrestricted movement of these tissues.

Dr. Murphy has an athletic background as a three-sport High School athlete while going on to play football at the Division III level.  Sports and fitness remain a big part of Dr. Murphy’s free time, and he particularly enjoys working with the young athletes that frequent Total Performance.