Dr. Dan Murphy | Total Performance Physical Therapy

Dr. Dan Murphy

Clinic Director North Wales

Dr. Daniel R. Murphy is a 2016 graduate of the University of Saint Augustine for Health Sciences, a Doctor of Physical Therapy program highly-regarded for its manual therapy-based curriculum.  As part of his education, Dr. Murphy had access to numerous advanced courses for the neck and back regions.  Coinciding with his strong background in manual therapy, he incorporates a comprehensive approach that accounts for regional interdependence – a concept that details how pain in one area of the body can be the result of a less-obvious impairment elsewhere in the body.  To best practice this style approach, Dr. Murphy earned certification in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), a diagnostic tool aimed at uncovering and treating the true cause of pain and not simply the source.

Dr. Murphy has wanted to become a Physical Therapist since he was a young athlete receiving intermittent treatments from a neighbor who was a Physical Therapist.  These treatments allowed Dr. Murphy to compete without pain and worked to inspire him, as he really admired the expertise and selflessness exhibited by his neighbor.  As a senior in High School, he was fortunate enough to then shadow this same neighbor.  This served as a precursor to an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology (Temple University, class of ’13) followed by Dr. Murphy’s DPT degree via the University of Saint Augustine.

Dr. Murphy has an athletic background as a three-sport High School athlete while going on to play football at the Division III level.  He continues to stay very active in sports, participating in intramural basketball and flag football leagues.  He is a diehard Philadelphia sports fan – especially the Eagles – and enjoys discussing the city’s teams.  Dr. Murphy is also passionate about fitness, nutrition, and furthering his knowledge as a clinician.