Dr. Heather Moore | Total Performance Physical Therapy

Dr. Heather Moore

Owner/Physical Therapist

Dr. Heather Moore,USOC Sports Medicine Team, PT, DPT is a leader in the field of sports physical therapy.  Dr. Moore is a nationally recognized doctor of physical therapy who has spent her career in outpatient orthopedics.  She has treated thousands of athletes, from professional to collegiate to weekend warriors to high school to amateur. Her work has included time on the PGA and LPGA tours. Dr. Moore founded Total Performance Physical Therapy in 2011 because she believed that high quality, individualized, hands-on care was essential and she wanted to bring that to the area.

Dr. Moore’s interest in physical therapy began when she suffered many of her own repetitive injuries as a Division 1 swimmer and water polo player at the University of Maryland College Park. From there she went on to receive her Masters and Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland Baltimore. But Dr. Moore has not stopped her learning, and she continues to be on the cutting edge of the latest treatment techniques. She has completed over one thousand hours of continuing education including classes in Paris, McKenzie, orthotic prescription, and functional training seminars. She has also gone on to receive her certification in Kinesiotaping.

Dr. Moore believes that education is a large part of the body healing process, and if people understand their bodies and understand how they injured themselves, it can prevent future injuries and can allow the current injury to heal faster. Therefore Dr. Moore has spent many years of her career writing publications for various news outlets. She has contributed to the textbook Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  She is a regular writer for philly.com sports doc blogexaminer.com and axs.com. She has been published in Advance magazine for physical therapy. She has also published articles in PhillyFit magazine and been a contributor to Men’s Fitnessmagazine among other leading fitness journals.  She also lectures across the country to other physical therapists and fitness professionals. Dr. Moore’s book Run Better Not Less was published in March of 2015 and is available here. This book is the most comprehensive manual of how to treat the aches and pains that all runners get from time to time, at home. Instead of taking two weeks off, begin with an active treatment approach and keep yourself running. Dr. Moore has treated thousands of runners and shows some of the basic steps to be taken at home when you are feeling pain when running. Specific injuries are also discussed such as IT band tendinitis, groin pull, hamstring strain and many more. For less than the cost of a copay you can starting running better, not less.

Dr. Moore most recently has been selected to be a part of the United States Olympic Sports Medicine Team.  She has spent time at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center working with the best athletes in the country.  Dr. Moore was selected based on her expertise in working with athletes and will continue to support the US Olympic team in their quest to be the best in the world.

Dr. Moore also enjoys actively participating in races and promoting a healthy way of living. She has completed many 5K, 10 mile, half marathon and marathon distances. She also competes on the triathlon circuit, having completed many sprint, Olympic and a 70.3. Dr. Moore believes that the answer is to never stop running, never stop working out, and find a way to make it happen.