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Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

You are here because you have neck pain when…

You get headaches

You can’t sleep because of neck pain

You have trouble sleeping

You have difficulty turning your head

You have difficulty reaching your arms overhead

 You have pain in your neck

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Therapy for Neck Pain

At Total Performance, we have the top therapists who can eliminate neck pain for patients in Chalfont, Horsham, North Wales, Hatfield, Norristown, East Norriton, and the surrounding areas. Our specialists are trained to treat neck pain from all different sources, including pain and discomfort:

Not all neck pain should be treated the same, but unfortunately, most of it is. You go to the doctors or the therapist and get a sheet with exercises that everyone with neck pain gets—even though the cause of yours may not be the same cause of another person’s neck pain. And very few treatment plans involve patient education, which is a critical element of rehabilitation at Total Performance. If you sit in front of a computer all day, or stare at your phone for more than an hour a day, these activities can be significant contributors to neck pain, and if not properly addressed, will prevent you from healing.

Discovering the True Cause of Your Pain

At Total Performance, educating patients on why they have neck pain and what things they need to do at home are an essential piece of treatment at Total Performance. If you have neck pain or headaches, it’s simple—you need to go to a neck pain and headache specialist.

Our experts use Graston techniques, hands-on therapy, massage, education, and exercise to make sure that your neck pain and headaches are eliminated. Understanding why your pain is occurring and giving you the tools to make sure it does not reoccur is essential to your success, and we can help.

If you are receiving regular treatment and not getting hands-on therapy and massage, you are not getting the appropriate care to remove your neck pain and headaches. And someone who stretches your neck is NOT hands-on therapy! The specialists at Total Performance provide true hands-on therapy to give you the most effective results.

Prevent Surgery and Medications

The doctors at Total Performance are experts in treating neck pain and headaches without medications, injections, or surgery. Most people with these issues find that medications only work temporarily, after which patients will often switch to receiving injections. Sadly, these only work for the first one or two but then lose their efficacy.

Finally, they have no other recourse but to have surgery, which is often a failure and leaves the patient in just as much pain, or more. At Total Performance, we’re experts in treating neck pain and headaches without the use of medications, injections, or surgery.Woman getting physical therapy for neck pain in North Wales, PA

Even if you have received therapy in the past, Total Performance can help you to eliminate your neck pain and headaches permanently. With convenient locations treating patients in North Wales, Chalfont, Horsham, Hatfield, Souderton, East Norriton, Doylestown, and Norristown, our neck pain and headache specialists are here to help!

For more information or treatment for your shoulder pain, call 215-997-9898 and ask for a FREE consultation with the experts at Total Performance!

FAQs About Neck and Neck Pain. This Workshop is for you if you

You have ever missed working out or activities you enjoy because of neck pain

You have trouble sleeping or your neck pain wakes you up at night

You have pain with reaching or lifting overhead

You have a nagging ache or pain or throbbing in your neck

 You live in Montgomery County or Bucks County Pennsylvania

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