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Physical Therapy for Sports Injuries

Woman needs treatment for her sports injury with physical therapy in Hatfield, PA

Trusted Treatment for Sports Injuries

At Total Performance, our sports injury specialists are trained to treat issues from all different causes, like ACL tears, ankle sprains, concussions, knee sprains, elbow pain, and more. We’re proud to treat patients from North Wales, Horsham, Chalfont, Norristown, Souderton, East Norriton, Hatfield, and the surrounding areas, providing them with relief for the pain and discomfort associated with their sports injuries.

Not all sports injuries should be treated the same, yet most of them are. In fact, most sports injury clinics are mills that treat 50 children at once, and most often the injuries are treated by aides or assistants. Because kids can heal quickly, they experience relief from the pain. However, the quality of treatment is often overlooked, and since the sports injury was addressed in a haphazard manner, the athlete winds up reinjuring themselves. If you have had the same recurring injury, or continue to have an injury on the same side, it means that critical parts of your rehabilitation process are being missed.

A Personalized Approach to Therapy

Looking above and below the area of the sports injury is extremely important in making sure that the rehabilitation process is complete, and that the athlete will not reinjure themselves with the same sports injury. For example, most athletes with elbow pain have shoulder and neck dysfunctions that need to be addressed, meaning the elbow is not the main issue. Therefore, the elbow should not be the only thing that is being treated; it should be the shoulder too. A similar approach should be taken with a knee injury in an athlete. If the hip, back, and foot are not being addressed in a knee sports injury, then the athlete is in grave danger of reinjuring the body part and having a season-ending injury.

Finding the Underlying Causes

Finding the cause of your sports injury is the main objective of any successful treatment at Total Performance. Eliminating the underlying cause of this injury is critical to prevent it from recurring. You probably know of the dreaded hamstring injury. In fact, many athletes lose an entire season to it, because no one found the cause of the injury and it keeps returning.

At Total Performance, our sports injury experts can find the source of your pain and the reason for it, ensuring that it never comes back. Eliminating the cause of the sports injury the first time is crucial, because with each recurrence, it takes longer and longer to heal.

Sports Injury Education

Part of your sports injury treatment at Total Performance is education on which activities you should and should not do to promote healing. Understanding the injury and the factors that led to it can help athletes overcome and get back in the game!

Treating the Athlete, Not the Diagnosis

The sport injury specialists at Total Performance use massage techniques, hands-on therapy, aquatic therapy, exercise, and even Graston techniques to make sure that your injury heals thoroughly. It’s precisely why we treat the person, not just the diagnosis. When you know WHY you are having pain, you can treat it more effectively. It’s that simple.

We are experts in treating sports injuries without taking the athlete out of the game. And it’s not just for improving their physical game, but for enhancing their mental health as well.

Even if you have received therapy in the past and it didn’t work, Total Performance can help you to eliminate your sports injury. If you’d like a FREE consultation with our specialists, then call us at 215-703-2529 today!

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