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Are you looking for a solution for your pain or injury? Maybe you don’t know what physical therapy is or how it can help you. Maybe you want to see how to eliminate your pain or fix your injury without medications, injections or surgery. Maybe you have heard of us and are curious to see how we can help.

Our free consultation is a one on one appointment with on of our experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy at no cost, no obligation.  This allows us to determine the source of your problem and provide you with a recommended treatment plan.  It includes:

1. A one on one appointment with one of our experienced Doctors of Physical Therapy who will determine the source of your pain or injury

2. Recommended pain relief plan

3. Information on ways to decrease or prevent your pain

4. Guidance on a treatment plan and how physical therapy can help you.

If it hurts we can fix it!  Start living pain free today call our office at 215-997-9898 or email us at or click the button below to claim your FREE consultation!

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  • I never write reviews, but I was so impressed with Dr Moore that I really wanted to write about my experience. My experience at Total Performance Physical Therapy was excellent….

  • How can I explain an event that has changed my life – I cannot. I have achieved something that was unimaginable to me. I have ALL of you to thank…

    Geneane And Family
  • I can’t say enough to thank Heather, Elliot, Mike and Chris for getting me to the start and finish of not only the Boston Marathon, but also the Broad Street…

  • I’ve had muscle knotting issues for twenty plus years that I keep aggravating from poor posture, stomach sleeping, child bearing and physical exercise. Aside from the occasional massage, I did…

  • I am a former Division 1, scholarship swimmer and have always enjoyed performing athletically at the highest levels. After finishing college, I transitioned into triathlons and have loved doing them…

    Nathan Schadler
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