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Physical Therapy for Back Pain

Back Pain in Hatfield, PA

You are here because you have back pain when…

You have missed work or family activities due to back pain

You have pain going down your leg

You have numbness or tingling into your legs and feet

You have stiffness and soreness when you wake up in the morning

You can’t sit or stand for long periods of time because of back pain

 You can’t sleep because of back pain


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You have ever missed working out or activities you enjoy because of Back pain

You have trouble sleeping or your Back pain wakes you up at night

You have pain with reaching or lifting overhead

You have a nagging ache or pain or throbbing in your Back

 You live in Montgomery County or Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Therapy for Back Pain

Total Performance has the area’s top therapists to eliminate back pain for patients in North Wales, Chalfont, Hatfield, Horsham, Norristown, East Norriton, Doylestown, and the surrounding areas. Our back pain specialists are trained to treat pain and discomfort of all types, including sciatica, back pain from car accidents, lower and upper back pain, and much more.

Personalized Treatment

Not all back pain and sciatica should be treated the same, yet most people go to doctors or therapists and get put through the generic back pain and sciatica exercises that everyone goes through. Have you ever gotten the list of back pain or exercises for sciatica? How are the same exercises supposed to help everyone?

When you have back pain or sciatica issues, you need to see the specialists at Total Performance. The back pain and sciatica experts at Total Performance can find the cause of your pain, and eliminate it for good. They develop specialized treatment plans that will meet your unique needs.

A Comprehensive Approach to Back Pain

The specialists at Total Performance use hands-on therapy, massage techniques, Graston techniques, exercise, education, and even aquatic therapy to make sure that your back pain and sciatica go away and never come back. We can help you understand why your back pain occurred, and make sure that you have the tools to make sure it does not reoccur.

If you are attending regular treatment and are not receiving hands-on therapy and massage, or if someone is just stretching your hamstrings, then you are not getting the care you deserve—and need—to eliminate your back pain and sciatica. The sciatica and back pain therapists at Total Performance provide hands-on therapy to give you the most effective results.

Proven Relief From Experienced Specialists

The sciatica and back pain professionals at Total Performance are experts in these issues. Most people with this type of pain find that medications only work for a short period of time before they are no longer are effective. In fact, this is generally when patients will switch to receiving injections.

Man Being Treated with physical therapy for back pain in Hatfield, PA

Unfortunately, the same thing occurs with injections. Although they work for the first one or two, the ones that follow are not as effective. Finally, they have no other recourse but to undergo surgery, which is often a failure and leaves the patient in as much or more pain than they were in before.

We’ve Got Your Back—Literally!

The doctors at Total Performance are experts in treating back pain and sciatica without the use of medications, injections or surgery. Even if you have received these treatments in the past and they didn’t work, Total Performance can help you to eliminate your discomfort and regain control of your life. With convenient locations serving Norristown, North Wales, Chalfont, Horsham, Hatfield, Souderton, Doylestown, and East Norriton, and our back pain and sciatica specialists are here to help!

For a FREE consultation with the expert sciatica and back pain therapists at Total Performance, call us at 215-997-9898 today!

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